How to tell HMRC about changes to your VAT details

How to tell HMRC about changes to your VAT details

Notifying changes online

You can change your bank account details (for repayments only, not Direct Debits), and most other details, online. See the page in this guide on how to change your registration details online for more information. But see the other sections in this guide for details of the time limits for notifying changes, and the amount of notice you must give for certain changes.

Log in or register for VAT Online with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Read the terms and conditions that apply to changing your registration details online on the HMRC website – Opens in a new window.

Notifying changes in writing

You cannot tell HMRC about changes to your details by telephone, fax or email. So if you can’t use the online service, or you need to change details that can’t be notified online, you should write to the VAT Registration Service. If you do this:

  • please use the form VAT 484 Change of Details – Variations to record your changes
  • your request must be signed by the appropriate person – see below
  • you must quote your VAT registration number, and include the date when the change took place
  • you must give adequate notice – see the rest of this guide for details of how much notice you have to give

Download form 484 Change of Details – Variations from the HMRC website (PDF 28K) – Opens in a new window.

Send the completed form or your letter to:

Grimsby VAT Registration Service
HM Revenue & Customs
Imperial House
77 Victoria Street
DN31 1DB

Your request must have the correct signature

If you write to HMRC to ask for a change to your registration details, your form or letter be signed by the appropriate person – see the list below. If not, then HMRC won’t be able to change your registration details, and they will have to write to you and ask for the correct signature.

Acceptable signatures are:

  • incorporated company – a director or company secretary
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – a registered member of the LLP
  • partnership – one of the listed partners
  • sole proprietor – the sole owner of the business
  • non-profit making body – chairperson, treasurer, trustee or secretary

Other signatures such as accountants, solicitors and authorised officials, etc, will only be accepted after they have been authorised to act as your VAT agent.

Appointing someone to deal with your VAT affairs

Notifying changes if you are abroad

If you are not based in the UK and you need to tell HMRC about a change, or you have moved out of the UK, can use an agent or tax representative, or write to:

Non Established Taxable Persons Unit (NETPU)
HM Revenue & Customs
Ruby House
8 Ruby Place
AB10 1ZP

Notifying changes to VAT groups

To notify HMRC about changes to membership of VAT groups you need to obtain form VAT 50 or VAT 51.

Find form VAT 50 on the HMRC website – Opens in a new window.

Find form VAT 51 on the HMRC website – Opens in a new window.

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