How do I change my name and address on my driving licence?

How do I change my name and address on my driving licence?

All vehicle operators have a legal responsibility to immediately notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of any change to their name, address or both.

Change of name

Photocard and paper driving licences

Vehicle operators must complete the correct form and send it to DVLA with their old driving licence, together with any supporting documents:

Form D1 (‘Application for a driving licence’) is appropriate for car and motorbike licences and is available from the DVLA ordering service and in most Post Offices.

Form D2 (‘Application for a lorry/bus licence’) is available from the DVLA ordering service.

In addition, all vehicle operators will need to include:

  • original documentation confirming their new name
  • their driving licence.


Paper driving licence holders must include a recent passport-sized photograph with their application.

If it is not possible to send in their old driving licence, vehicle operators must declare on the form whether it has been lost, stolen or destroyed.

Applications should be sent to the DVLA at the following address:

SA99 1BN

Vehicle operators can inform the DVLA if they change their name whilst disqualified by providing their old and new names, their driving licence number and date of birth.

In this instance, the driver record is updated and the vehicle operator will receive a D27 (‘Driving licence renewal’) application 56 days before completion of the disqualification period.

Change of address

Vehicle operators can change their address online. However, if they wish to change their name alone or name and address, they will need to do so by post.

To register a change of address with the DVLA, photocard licence holders will need to:

  • complete the changes section on their paper counterpart and sign and date it
  • send both parts of their driving licence to DVLA.


Paper driving licence holders must:

  • complete a D1 form
  • provide original documents confirming their identity
  • enclose a passport-size photograph with their driving licence.


Foreign addresses cannot be registered as a new address on a UK driving licence; therefore, vehicle operators moving abroad should contact the appropriate driving licence authority in their new country of residence.

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