UK Border Agency | How do I complete application form TD112?

UK Border Agency | How do I complete application form TD112?

This page gives general guidance on completing application form TD112 for a Home Office travel document. You can download the form and detailed guidance from the right side of this page.

You should read the detailed guidance before you apply. You will need to pay a fee when you send us your application, and we will not refund your fee if we reject or refuse your application or if you withdraw it. See Cost of applyingfor the current fees.

You must fill in the form in block capitals using a black pen. Please enter all dates as dd-mm-yyyy (for example, 29-04-2000).

Please check carefully that you have completed each section that is relevant to your application and have enclosed all the documents you need to send us. For more information, see Required documents.

Sections 1 – 3

These sections must be completed by all applicants. You must complete section 1 fully, including your date of birth, country and place of birth, and current nationality. If you no longer have any passport at all, you should say why in section 3.

Section 4

You must complete this section if you are applying for a certificate of travel, unless you meet one of the exceptions for this requirement. See Who qualifies for a certificate of travelfor more information.

You do not need to complete section 4 if you have been accepted in this country as a refugee or as a stateless person.

Sections 5-7

If the applicant is a child aged 15 or under, the parent, guardian or person with parental responsibility should complete section 5 and sign section 7. Section 6 should not be signed or dated, but you should send the photographs of the child.

If the applicant is a child aged 16 or 17, section 5 should be signed by the parent, guardian or person with parental responsibility. The applicant should sign section 7.

If the applicant is aged 18 or over, section 5 should be left blank. The applicant should sign section 7.

If the person completing section 5 does not have parental responsibility, permission should be given by the person who does have parental responsibility. This permission must be in writing, signed by that person, and sent to us with the application.

Section 8

If you are applying to renew your previous Home Office travel document and are enclosing that document, you do not need to complete section 8. You must still send us two photographs, but you do not need to have one of them signed by a professional person as detailed below unless you now look very different.

You must complete section 8 if you are applying for your first travel document, or to replace one that has been lost or stolen.

Section 8 must be completed by the person who signs the back of one of your photographs to confirm that it is a photograph of you. This person is known as the countersignatory, and must be:

  • a bank manager;
  • a doctor;
  • a legal adviser regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner at level 1 or above;
  • a legal adviser accredited under the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme at probationer level or above;
  • a magistrate;
  • a minister of religion;
  • a police officer;
  • a prison officer;
  • a probation officer;
  • a social worker;
  • a solicitor; or
  • a teacher.

Only someone whose profession is listed above can sign your photograph and section 8. They must write on the back of one of your photographs: ‘I confirm that the enclosed photographs are a true and correct likeness of (your name)’, write your Home Office or UK Border Agency reference number (which will be on the letter we sent you confirming your status), and sign it.

Where to send your application form

You should post your application form and supporting documents to the address below. You cannot make this type of application in person at our public enquiry offices.

UK Border Agency
Travel Documents
PO Box 588
DH99 1AA

If, after posting your application, you realise that you have forgotten to enclose something, please do not send this separately – it will delay your application. We will return your application to you with a request for any missing information or documents.

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