What are the financial requirements if I want to apply for entry into the UK as the partner of a British citizen?

What are the financial requirements if I want to apply for entry into the UK as the partner of a British citizen?

This page explains how you can meet the financial requirement when you apply to come to, or stay, in the UK as the partner of :

  • a British citizen;
  • a person settled in the UK; or
  • a person in the UK with refugee leave or humanitarian protection.


You must meet a financial requirement if you are applying for entry to the UK, permission to stay here or for settlement. If you have children that are not British citizens or settled here that you want to live with you in the UK, you will need to meet a higher financial requirement.

You can meet the financial requirement through:

  • the income from employment or self employment of your sponsor;
  • the income from your employment or self employment if you are in the UK;
  • certain income from sources other than employment, such as rent from property;
  • state or private pensions of you and your sponsor;
  • maternity allowances or bereavement benefits received in the UK; or
  • cash savings over a certain level (the amount of savings that you need to have will depend the level of other income that you and your sponsor have . If you are applying to enter the UK, you will need to have a higher level of savings than if you are applying to extend your stay).


How much income do I need to have?

You must have an income of at least 18,600.

If you are sponsoring a child as well as a partner you will need an income of at least 22,400.

For each additional child being sponsored you will need an additional income of 2,400. For example, if you are you are bringing 2 children with you to the United Kingdom, you must have and income of 22,400 and 2,400 for the additional child, so a total of 24,800.

You will be required to provide documents to show that you can meet the financial requirement. The way you meet the requirement will be different, depending on whether you are applying from inside or outside the UK.


You will be exempt from the new financial requirement if your sponsor receives a specified disability-related benefit or carer’s allowance in the UK. You will need to show that your sponsor can maintain and accommodate you without access to public funds.

For more information about the financial requirement and the evidence we need, read Annex FM 1.7 – Financial requirement, which you can read here. It is guidance for the UK Border Agency’s staff.

More information


If you are applying for entry clearance or leave to remain as a partner, child, partner or dependent relative you must provide evidence that there will be adequate accommodation in the UK, without relying on public funds, for you and your family. This includes any family members who are not included in the application but who live in the same household with you.

UKBA will not consider your accommodation to be adequate if:

  • it is overcrowded; and
  • if it does not meet public health requirements.

You can find out more information about how UKBA considers accommodation in their accommodation staff guidance.

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