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What do I need to know about fly-grazing?

If a horse is allowed to graze illegally or is abandoned on private or public land, this is known as “fly-grazing”. It is thought around 3,000 horses are illegally grazing in the UK. Illegal grazing can be a problem as it can damage property and have a negative effect on a horse’s welfare. What can I do if a horse is fly-grazing on my land? Under the Control of Horses Act 2015 you should report…

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What is ‘cyberbullying’?

Cyberbullying is when one person or a group of people try to threaten or embarrass someone else using a mobile phone or the internet. Cyberbullying is just as harmful as bullying in the real world. If you see it happening, report it. Don’t ignore it. Are you a part of it? Those who take part in online bullying often use a group of friends to target their victims. They can askothers to add a comment…

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What can I do if something is wrong with the food I have bought from a restaurant?

If you eat in a restaurant you have certain rights over the food you receive if it is not safe or it is of poor quality. How do I know if my food is unsafe or of poor quality? When you receive your food, it may be not cooked properly, it may be mouldy or it may be contaminated in some way. For example: you may find your food cold or frozen when it should…

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How do I complain about a financial product or advice?

If you are not satisfied with a financial product or advice you received from your bank, financial adviser or other financial institution, you should make a formal complaint in writing. If this avenue does not produce a satisfactory result, you can request the assistance of an external body to conduct an independent investigation or take legal action. What can you complain about? Whilst you can complain about most financial products and advice, there are some…

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What can I do if my home is repossessed?

If you are unable to delay or prevent your home being repossessed, you will need to find alternative accommodation. This guide will help you to consider your options once your home has been repossessed. Local Authority advice, assistance and accommodation When your home has been repossessed, it may be possible for you to get help from your local council. Local councils are legally bound to provide advice, emergency accommodation and longer-term housing to certain people…

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