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  • French TV station advert promoting gender equality pulled for being sexist
    An advert for France 3, a French broadcaster, has been pulled due to its sexist connotations despite claims by the broadcaster that it was intended to promote gender equality. The advert itself shows a number of deserted homes with scenes including food being over cooked, a child’s bedroom left dirty and a...
  • Dog torturer imprisoned for 28 years
    A man has been handed a 28-year prison sentence after being found guilty of recording and torturing dogs. Jason Brown, 25, from Reno in the United States, received seven separate sentences for animal torture after it was discovered he had tortured and killed at least seven dogs, including killing four by...
  • Man kills parents and eats their remains
    A man has been arrested for murdering his parents, violating their corpses and eating their remains. Leandro Acosta, 25, an Argentine national, was arrested in connection the deaths of of parents and has since admitted to killing Ricardo Klein and Miryam Kowalczuk after what he claims was years of sexual abuse. Acosta is said to have...
  • Drug user kidnaps himself to raise money for his habit
    A drug user has been handed a sixteen-week prison sentence after is was discovered he had staged his own kidnapping so he could get the ransom money. Paresh Savji Devraj pretended to have been kidnapped and then convinced his friend to call his partner, informing her of the kidnapping and requesting a £1,000 ransom....


What are my employment rights if I work abroad?

  If you go overseas to work as an employee for a UK-based company, your employment rights may change. They may not be the same abroad as they were in the UK. For instance, the number of working hours, annual leave and public holidays may vary. If you require further help on a matter of employment law you can use our solicitor directory to the right of this article to look for legal advice near you….

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What do I need to know about workplace counselling?

What is workplace counselling? Counselling is available on the National Health Service. However, a long waiting list, an absence of specialist insight and inflexible appointment times and venues make workplace counselling more feasible to employers. Workplace counselling is a short-term employee support process that provides you with a free, independent, confidential counselling service for workers in all sectors. Provision of this service forms part of an employer’s duty of care towards you, which includes taking…

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What do I need to know about going to prison as a visitor?

If you know somebody who is serving time in prison, visits can help you stay in touch. Each prison can have slightly different rules on when and how often prisoners can be visited. Find out what to expect. How to plan your visit Each prison has its own rules about how many visits each prisoner is allowed, and how and when those visits can happen. Before you can visit any prison, you need a document…

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